It's a Mom Boy Blog Hop Today

It's a Blog Hop over the MOB Society!  Mother of Boys - 

Mothers of Boys

I am excited to be a party of this "society" with two boys ages 7 (ok 7 on Saturday) and almost 23 I have done it all (ok not all, but most) when it comes to boys....being a mother of 4, 2 being girls and 2 being boys, I can tell you without a doubt (in our home anyway) that the boys were far less drama...but not without their injuries!  Both my boys broke bones by the age of 5...both boys are LOVERS of LEGOS (guess they never go out of style) and both my boys have the most beautiful blue eyes!  

I am a stay at home mother who homeschools and has a passion for celebrating life! We live about an hour North of NYC and love the country life..complete with bears, woodchucks, bald eagles and more...we love the outdoors and ride our quads whenever we get a chance!

My oldest, Jeremy, is an IT Network Admin for the biggest utility company in NYC and my youngest when asked, says he will be a LEGO Master Designer someday and I believe it!

My children and husband are my life and other than my salvation, they are the best thing that has every come my way! 

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Have a blessed day and ROCK ON!


Diane said…
Wonderful blog! I have four boys and two girls, so 'I know whereof you speak'! They are all so special!
Jamie said…
You said it girlfriend.Being so busy I totally forgot about MOB.I guess with having so many Hops u tend to get overwhelmed.
TheRockerMom said…
Having boys is fun, isn't it? I wish we'd had a girl, but our last baby went to heaven just 8 weeks into the pregnancy. I don't think we'll be trying again. Surprises are welcome, though. ;)
Lindsay said…
Love this post.. loved reading about what Zachary wants to be when he grows up!
Sadie said…
Very cool lego house! I have 4 boys of my own- and I am forever stepping on legos
I jumped over from the MOB BlogHop today, and it's great to meet you. I have 4 sons, and I love reading about what it's like to have a mixture. I had to do research on that to include a "boys plus" section in my book on raising boys!

Looks like you're all having a great time! Come on over and see me sometime.
Jessica S. said…
I love your latest summer party!! So neat and love the ideas!! Thanks for joining in on the fun!!
You have a very nice blog! You must be incredibly busy. Thanks for your comments about my writing. I'm glad you enjoy it and hope it was a blessing.
Honest Mommy said…
Oh Yes...we love out boys!!!
LeAnn said…
What a sweet blog. I had three boys and then three girls and I can say like you that the boys were not as dramatic. Right now I have spent the last few days with 3 of my 12 year old grandsons. We have had so much fun. It's bonding time for the cousins.
Blessings to you!
Living Waters by LeAnn
Monkey's Mommy said…
Wow, your 7 year old is really good at building with legos...My Monkey is only 20 months but not so into building, right now he just likes being chased and throwing things (future football star maybe?) I am coming from MOB and wanted to stop by and say hi and please feel free to check out my blog.
The Petunia said…
Stopping by from MOB Society, love your site and love this blog hop! looking forward to getting to know you, come visit me!

The Petunia,
Meaghan said…
I'm visiting from the MOB Society. It is good to meet you and your family. You are so blessed to be able to homeschool your children. Many blessings

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