Michigan or Bust Baby

Today was the going away bbq for my hubby's step-sister and her boyfriend. We had it at my MIL's backyard and it was a great day....kids had fun, food was awesome and the company even better....

Me and the hubby ( little bit of Sammie's head...)

Gina (she is the one moving) and Sammie

Zachary with a water ballon over his great grandma's (GG) head

The moving couple...

Gotta have the cake pops!

Our kids with their GG!

Kids waving Good Bye to their Aunt Gina.

The family....we will miss you!


Rebecca said…
OH, sweet friend, I know your BBQ was bitter sweet. Looks like a ton of fun, though! Hope all is going well.....seems like summer is passing quickly.....

I have to say....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bubble pic. How did you take it...love the shadows in the bubble!
melismama said…
Thanks Rebecca, I took the picture from our upper level deck....blew the bubble, took the picture. I loved it so much I had Shutterfly make it into a card and now that you can see it in print, you can see Zachary standing on the deck in the reflection of the bubble. So cool. I will send you a card and you can see!

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