Thankful Thursday

Today, right now, I am thankful for Hot Tea and Splenda!  This tea is tasting so good!   Other things I am thankful for:

Our local farmers Market - LOVE IT!

Strawberry Picking right up the road...look at the size of those!

the area where we live....cant ask for more....

The Bronx Zoo and NYC are only an hour away...but we go home to the 
above picture!

Whatcha thankful for?


Rose said…
Those are some pretty cool blessings. The mountain views look very much like ours here in VA. I love living near the mountains.
Lindsay said…
Those are great things to be thankful for! I love your view looks very similar to where I live!
Robin said…
I agree with your whole list! Although I've never been to the Bronx zoo, any zoo is fun. I love your view. Beautiful!!

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