We Done Good! Carnival for a Cause

Today a group of "moms" put on a backyard Carnival for a Cause.  The idea was to hold a backyard carnival (private by invite only) and collect as many donated school supplies as we could to go to help some local families in real need....what it turned out to be was so much more than that.....Enjoy!

Kids (and birds later on) Loved this popcorn stand...

Recognize this table scape setting from our Beach Birthday Bash a few weeks earlier?  
Reuse and Recycle! 

We had animal crackers set up here...

Food table...we did hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones and animal crackers...all finger food...

This was the entrance ticket book...kids dropped school supplies into the wagon (to the right, not pictured)

What we had for the kids....

A face painter

Photo booth

balloon animals

7 different carnival games

The children would play a game..collect a ticket and save the tickets
until the end for the prize table....

we allowed the children to come up by age to pick their prizes...started with the 
youngest 1st.

what we accomplished...

I can't begin to tell you how emotional I was when I saw all the supplies
that were donated! 

Above pictured were the ladies who helped out...1 mom was absent from the picture....

What an awesome day it was!  Thank you God for holding off the rain!

Snow-cone Syrup Recipe:  Skip To My Lou
Snow-cone Paper Cones & paper straws:  Garnish
Water bottle Carnival Printables: Vintage Paper Parade
Seal Carnival Printables: One charming Party
Photos:  Myself, Marisa and Adela (great friends of mine)


Lindsay said…
What a great carnival and you guys got so much stuff to give to people in need!!! Wonderful!!
Tracy said…
This looks like great fun for a great cause for sure! Way to go with all the teamwork and heart involved! I'm sure your hard work will pay off as so many children will have smiles on their faces with their new school supplies! :)
Jamie said…
That was just so sweet of you all to do that.Those families are going to be so blessed with what you guys did for them.
Very cute carnival!!
Great job on collecting so many so many school supplies.
I love that! I remember doing things like that when I was growing up in our neighborhood.

Got some great ideas! Love your pictures!!! Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

Fun with a mission is the best!


Mrs Mary Joy Pershing
melismama said…
thanks all....so happy the day was nice!
Lynda said…
Great photos, and it looks like you all had so much fun.

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