1st Day of School - SUCCESS!

If you missed "what the children woke up to" from last nights' post
check it out HERE!

We eased back into school today with our full time schedule...this year I had all three of them in "school".

Sammie  - Preschool
Molly - Kindergarten
Zachary - 2nd grade

Healthy breakfast of Super Mario Brother Cupcakes...LOL

A few wax mustaches to set mood right....

Started with our Devotional from "Jesus Calling" (I recommend this to anyone
homeschooling and wants to incorporate Christ into their studies)

This year we are incorporating The Pledge of Allegiance into our
morning routine.

They will take turns holding the flag. Zachary switched his arms right after
this picture...lol...

Our new Prayer Pail...I write things that we want to pray about and stick them into the pail. When it comes time for prayers we all pick one out and pray specifically for that person/event etc. Kids are loving it!

Each child had one of these at their spot...
Thanks to I Heart Naptime for these cute printables!

2nd Grade..
Super Mario Brothers is our theme this week....

Mario Brother Lapbooks - used some awesome 
materials from The Linton Academy  to help me out!

Weather charting (taken from Homeschool Creations)

Some Math Blaster fun!

Having a great time with some review quizes from 

Preschool - Sammie

Color recognition Lapbook

Just happy to be at the big table with the other kids...

Love love love these dauber worksheets from 2TeachingMommies

Little puzzle time...

Kindergarten work....

Some number recognition

Jigsaw Puzzles on line...

Filling in our weather on our new Morning Board - inspired

It was a little tough at times with Sammie...she wanted my attention a lot so that took away from the other two...however, when she napped I was able to give more time to Zachary and start our weather unit.

Here is one of my newest organization tools for this year...

It was a gift from Bubby....I love it!

They each have a cubby (mailbox) where I can put mail, letters, gift certificates

On the bottom are the childrens' new Chore Charts.
(again another awesome FREE printable from Homeschool Creations)

Praying all our friends in public school had a great day back today!  Thinking of you mommas 
too with children attending school for the 1st time! 

Please join me over at Ginger Snaps for their Back to School link up party!


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