Continuing with our Apple teachings this week, we did a lot of apple activities!

Our Daily Prompts....funny answers to this question today!

Molly working on her numbers and coloring match ups.
Came from my Mailbox Magazine.

What we read today!  Cute book

 Zachary read to us all today!

Sammie got her own desk today (due to the fact she bothers
her brother all day otherwise
) she loved it! Homeschooling
all three this year is still a "work in progress"...

A little glue spill today....nice huh!

Snack out our apple peele/corer from Pampered Chef

Girls working on their Clifford (Scholastic)

Little Apple Lego Action

Craft time!
(inspired from Walking By The Way - blog)

Love these mess and keeps the paints wet and ready for use each time!
We have 10 of them! They are from Discount School Supply on line $ 5.49 for a set of
5 of them!

These turned out so cute. I think (don't tell the kids) that Sammie's was the best (and she is only 2)...Afterwards
the girls painted tons more pictures.

Love easy crafts!

My little own Apple Orchard!

Trip to the Farmer's Market this afternoon.  Hurricane Irene and the rain that followed for a week really hurt the farmers and their crops around our area. Almost all the herbs are gone and not coming back 8( and a lot of the lettuce was ruined. They were able to harvest a lot of the hard root veggies and some others. But it was sad to see.

We were able to find some corn today 3 for $ 1.00

bought some tomatoes that looked me some tomato sandwiches!

 Big find for the day - there was a used book sale from our local library going on...snagged 14 books for
$ 3.50!  Some great ones for the seasons coming up and Zachary found 6 chapter books he thought looked great!

Here is our song we learned today:

Johnny Appleseed 
(Sung to the tune of "On Top of Old Smokey")

He traveled on foot
Planting seeds.
People are thankful
For his mighty deeds.
Because now we have apples
On all of these trees.
And we are so happy
As well as the bees!

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Mary said…
What a yummy school day! Jam packed with fun, I see! I love those Scholastic science readers - we have several of them too.
Lisa M. said…
We are starting apples this week--where did you get your Daily Promt?? love it! And where did you get those fabulous paint containers????

Love the tree activity...we are doing that too!
melismama said…
Thanks Mary!

Lisa - I cut the Daily Prompt out from an Old Mailbox magazine that i had. I think about 6 yrs ago...if you want a copy of it, I can copy it and sent it to is my email it's great for the season. The paint containers I got at Discount School Supply on line.
Jamie said…
WOW,looks to me that you all were really busy on this day.Thanks for stopping by and making me laugh!!!!Nothing better than some fun painting and apples to eat.Where did you get the paint cups,clever idea.
You always make me smile and laugh,love ya mama m
melismama said…
Jamie - school supply on line is where I got the is the link..
Lindsay said…
What a great day! Love the paintings :-)
Tina said…
Sammie looks so proud of her desk. Love those apple paintings! And I need to check out that site for the paint containers - those are great!
Sharla said…
We did apples last week as part of learning "A" and because it fit so well into the time of year. You have some great activities. I love the apple peeling, the Lego apple, and the hand/arm print craft!

Kara said…
GREAT photos!!! Love seeing what you are all doing TOGETHER! What a fun unit!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
What a wonderful unit! I bet your children loved watching the apple peeler.

Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.
SnoopyGirl said…
Love the apple tree pictures! What a great day of learning!
Great lesson. I am always looking for good nonfiction. Love the apples trees.
busy busy! Love the "how would Johnny Appleseeds Journey have been different. . . oranges" question! love the apple tree art but- thinking if I try it w 3 boys I might have to do it outside! (we go outside a lot) :)

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