More rain 8( & school

It's raining for the 2nd day in a row.  My heart aches for those who were flooded out last week with Irene and now again with this relentless rain! Despite the rain, we got out today!  We started back up on our weekly library trips!

Zachary has his own card and signs out his own items. 
This time a few movies and a PS3 Lego Game.

(Notice Sammie has her purse with

Of course, momma, signs out all the books I can carry!  We read
the Molly Rides the School Bus today!
 My Molly thought 
it was funny to see her name in the book!

Then we had to go over to the Toy store (local small one) and buy
a few new pair of pink tights for Molly's ballet class starting
back up again in a week. Zachary had a gift card to spend
from his birthday also.


Loving Homeschool Creations and her Preschool Packs - this is the circus one!

More fun with the bingo daubers

Learning counting with our abacus 

Gluing...don't preschoolers just LOVE to glue it all!

Reading time...


Math adding with our Melissa & Doug Abacus

Science - weather match up

Practicing our cutting and gluing paper puzzles

2nd Grade

Guess I did not photo much of Z had a lot of computer time,
weather related Science worksheets, more Mario Brothers Word Pipes..

Tomorrow our morning will be GYM time at a birthday party....some 
mom friend time for me 8)

Friday  - kids can't wait...our annual Chuck E Cheese trip for Back to School!

Shibley Smiles


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