My Ah Ha Moment!

TODAY, my friends, I had MY AH HA moment!  You know, that moment when things just click....the Lord speaks to your heart and mind and it's just THERE! 

 I have been challenged lately with home educating all three children at the same time. You know the scene....preschooler asking for MORE MORE MORE every 5 mins, the Kindergartner asking for HELP HELP HELP all the time, the 2nd grader trying to can be (and often is) controlled (but loud) CHAOS! 

 I have been praying about it a lot and finally today, my prayers were answered!   I decided to let the girls (Pre K and K) work together on things and follow whatever they wanted to do for the day - their lead...while I was able to work with Zachary on more concentrated work! 
  For today, it worked...let's hope it continues to! 

We had no meltdowns, no yelling, no help help help!  Molly (K) helped Sammie (Pre K) with everything...they both learned together..Yes we still have our "book work" that Molly has to complete, but at a later time during the day when time permits!  sigh of relieve...less pressure on me to have "traditional" school for our younger two! Come see what transpired today...

Play-Doh time

Girls started early this morning with Play-Doh time...

They wanted to "sell" their cake pops they made to Zachary and

Jewelry Making 101

Love these from Parents - great dexterity work...

Some sorting fun...

On to Stamping....

Our Marble Art Work..

I drew trees onto large sheets of paper while they used marbles dipped into
green and red paint to "paint with"...they loved it!

I even had time to bake today while everyone was doing their own school work!

All in all a great school day (despite all the rain we are getting!)

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