Pre Conference Relevant Linky Party

I am attending the Relevant Conference this year (2nd year in a row clapping my hands in excitement) and can't wait to see some "old" friends that I made last year.   I thought it would be fun to join in the Pre-Conference Relevant Linky Party with others over at Denise in Bloom.  I see my friend Sharon over at Hiking Toward Home (my roommate for the conference) has joined in so I best get my butt in gear also!  Some of these facts you might know, others are probably a surprise....

Top 25 Facts

  • First and foremost I am a Daughter of God
  • Second, I am a devoted wife
  • Third, a mother of 4 awesome children whom I home educate (3 of them)
  • I am a cancer survivor (I should write a book really on my life's events)
  • I have seen Jesus Christ personally ( he appeared to me in my bedroom while I was very ill)
  • I love to throw a party (think I might be a little addicted to throwing parties)
  • I have NEVER tasted Coffee in my life (tea drinker, sorry Sharon)
  • I have had a cat for over 13 years and his name is JOB (like the Bible)
  • I love to help out others in need
  • I often find myself with TOO much on my plate and need to know when to say NO
  • I struggle with perfectionism
  • I can't leave my bedroom in the a.m. unless my bed is made (even hotel rooms)
  • Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year, especially where I live in NY
  • I love to take pictures!
  • I have been to Disney World alone and loved it!
  • I love to teach my children (home educate) but really am not good at teaching others' children.
  • I love grilled food...especially fish!
  • Dislike red wine, like white.
  • Honeymooned in Alaska and can't wait to return with our children.
  • Spent some time in Nova Scotia when I worked outside the home and thought it was a wonderful place to live!
  • I was a ballgirl for John McEnroe at a tennis match
  • I have flown a sea plane
  • I bungee jumped over a parking lot and think I am crazy for doing it, NEVER AGAIN!
  • I can't sew to save my life but love to craft.
  • I am always fearful my children will be hurt (reading Angie Smith's new book What Women Fear, hoping this helps me)
You can find me at:

Twitter:  @JoysHomeEducate

Now I am going over to the Linky Party to check out others!  See ya soon!


Diane said…
I loved finding out more about you! you sound like my kind of people!
Anonymous said…
You saw Jesus? I must hear this story! So very nice to meet you and we can talk all things Jesus and home educating at Relevant.

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