Apple Crisp and the Fall Farmer's Market

Oh I made this Apple Crisp today and it turned out FAB. I have made it in the past but never used an actual recipe...I loved this one!  I found it at the Betty Crocker site!

It was soo good!

What we read today in school

Farmers Market - the rain finally stopped early afternoon and we snuck out with friends who came for lunch were dancing and singing and having a great time..a little game of Simon Says was in order!

Off to ballet class in a little bit....have some Slower Cooker Lasagna Cooking right now for an 
easy breezy dinner!  

Have a great night y'all!


Diane said…
I love Fall! And Kids! And Farmer's markets! What a wonderful day!
Looks like they had a blast - and that Apple Crisp? yum!!!
Laura said…
What's slow cooker lasagna? Sounds awesome!
melismama said…
Laura it's a Lasagna done in the Crock Pot!
Shauna said…
What fun! I love all of the great pictures you have posted as well as the your Fall Books.
Take care,
CacheyMama said…
Nice, I love the pictures and will def have to check out those fall books!
Cachey Mama's Classroom
Tracy said…
Great fall pics and fun! I've made lasagne in the crock pot and it was great! Hope you enjoyed your dish! Thanks for continuing to link up at NOBH! :)

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