I was invited...I accepted...I was exposed

I have a friend, a dear friend whom I have never met in "real life". We have only communicated thru emails and our blog posts.  We have really only known each other for a few months, but we are connected.  I am speaking of LaDonna, My Sister In Christ.  You can read about her HERE at her Blog, Santa Beso.   I am waiting with such excitement to meet her at the Relevant Conference in a few weeks!  You can read about how we met HERE, it's really quite a story!  

When LaDonna asked me if I would be a guest blogger on her awesome blog, I was touched and honored.  However she wanted me to be a witness, share a testimony, something so private...could I do that? Was I ready?  Would people believe my story?  It did not matter, it is my story, my life, my truth.  So without hesitation, really, I typed my story, emailed to her and this is the result....

Thank you my friend for allowing me to share this chapter of my life with the world.  I love you and can't wait to wrap my arms around you in a few weeks!


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