Monday Happenings...

What a quick and fun weekend....we held our annual Family Halloween Party and oh boy it was a HUGE success. Not only did we have over 100 people at our home but we collected a lot of food for the local food pantry! 

This week is CRAZY Busy for me! 
 Today and Wed are the only days I am home. 
 Tomorrow is such an exciting day as I am meeting some blogging friends, in person, in NYC! Mary from Homegrown Learners and Theresa from Magnolia Lane.  A little retail therapy and then lunch at Tony DiNapoli's!  So excited to meet them IRL!  

 Then Thursday I leave for the Relevant Conference in Hershey PA.  That time will be 3 1/2 days away from my family in fellowship, prayer, learning and reflection. I will come away from the conference with a sense of renewal for sure!  You can find me on Twitter and FB during the conference!  

Today we continued our fun Halloween Themed studies with....

Pumpkin themed multiplication pages from

Gotta have our Scholastic

What we read today....

Trick or Treat memory cards from 2teachingmommies

Halloween Lapbook work from Over The Big Moon

Coloring from the Happy Halloween themed book I got at

Don't forget to visit my posts about my Relevant Conference sponsors!


Anonymous said…
Looks like a great day of school! So glad you guys had fun at the party!
Theresa said…
I can't wait to meet you tomorrow!!!!! Wow! What a busy week! I give you so much credit--over 100 people at your house this past weekend and you leave for Relevant Thursday!
marymakesmusic said…
Now that I know you IRL it makes reading your blog even that much better! I so enjoyed spending the day with you! Thank you for being my tour guide and for so much fun! I am still full from lunch!

Hope you have a wonderful, rejuvenating time at Relevant! I am praying for safe travels!
melismama said…
It was a great day Lindsay!

Theresa - yes busy week and looking forward to Relevant and meeting you and so many others!

Mary - we broke bread and drank wine...enough said!
Diane said…
You pack so much into your life. I am in awe! So much fun to meet new friends. And I hope your Relevant conference is a renewing as you hope! Thank you for sharing!

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