November Teachings

Working on our school schedule for November..

History/Social Studies
  •  Little Explorers    (which we have not even started yet)
  •  Veterans Day
  • History of Thanksgiving

·         Animal of the Month (Elephants)
·         Magnets
·         Nature Exploring
·         Soap making
·         How do animals prepare for winter months

Language Arts
 ·         Reading – Magic Tree House book w/passport testing
·         Comprehensive Reading Workbook by Learning Horizons
·         Spelling
o   Spelling words each week (4 site words and 1 unit word)
§  Write them 2 times
§  Word search
§  Alphabetizing
§  Word Scramble
§  Test
·         Grammar
o   Parts of Speech Nouns  
o   Sentence Structure
o   Brainquest workbook

Health & Safety
  • Spongebob health book – Safety
  • Fractions
  • Math Blasters on line – 30 mins per day
  • Lego Challenges
          Instrument playtime
          Dance & music time

Visual Arts
          Thanksgiving Crafts

Hoping a few Bronx Zoo trips and our library weekly trips.  Playdates on a smaller scale (lol) and we are taking the entire week of Thanksgiving off!

If you want a cute countdown calendar for your school (counting down until Thanksgiving) I found one here..

Here is also a really good Fall Activities list for you and the kiddies!

Whatcha all got planned for the 11th Month of the year?


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