One of those days....

It was one of THOSE days around here today.  Kids were ALL being cranky and just plain rude to each other and myself.  It does not help that we can't really get out today due to the rain and that Zachary is dealing with Poison Ivy also.   I have a lot to do before Friday and need a few more hours (and patience) today!

again more by 2teachingmommies!

Great Halloween printable book by Simple Schooling over at CurrClick!

Molly's chart - cut the back out of one of our copy books and framed it. She uses
this daily and looks nice in our school room too!

copy work for Zachary - also from Simple Schooling at Currclick

Dora Domino today for Sammie....practice lining them up!

Molly doing her copy work. Sometimes she is neater than her older brother for sure!

In addition to our Halloween Bash on Saturday we are incorporating a Spyro Skylander
Adventure party in there also.  We won a Spyro Skylander Adventure party pack
from HOUSEPARTY.COM  if you are not familiar with them
check it out!  It's cool and we have had the fun of hosting so many
parties so far!

Back to working on the party!  Things are coming together...lots of baking to do!

Peace all!


Anonymous said…
Love the Letter writing page framed! I hope everyone gets in a better mood for you soon!
Jamie said…
I like the alphabet framed,cute!GRUMPY is here visiting our house as well.My time and Zachary seems to be fighting a cold with his father so trying to finish school today was hard.

I am finally following you on Pinterst and I found Lindsay there to,yeah me.
melismama said…
power to the ladies on Pinterest!
Lisa said…
Great printables! I have two girls and the youngest has neater handwriting than the oldest.
Diane said…
What fabulous printables! And your busy, busy crew! You amaze me. Even when you have a 'grumpy' day, you accomplish so much!!!

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