Pillows, a meltdown and a magazine

Fall has arrived in the NYC Area with cooler temps (more rain)...we ventured into our attic and retreieved the boxes of Fall and Halloween decorations. I added a few new things this year....

I found these on Pinterest.....

Which lead me to this blog: Chapman Place   which then lead me to this Etsy Store.....the result....

They are now in our bedroom! 

This is what we found in one of our boxes in the attic (it was a hot Summer)

My wax pumpkin was no more....RIP....

Something else I was able to do this weekend is finally get a chance to look at this....

If you are not familiar with Bird or Bird's Party you are missing out some God given talent.  She is
a very talented gal with so much to offer the party gal in you ... You can check her out at 
her blog: Bird's Party  and her Shoppe  while you are at it, why not Like her FB Page too!

October starts a new school month with so much fun ahead!  

Enjoy your Monday my friends!


Hi! I saw your post on FB about Bird's Party and came to see what you are all about. I love your blog and am now following. I thought I might mention that since you are all about home education I have a website that was recommended by TEACHERS FIRST as a resource for the K-1 classroom and at home after school for the kids. www.littlelillypolkadot.com. I would love it if you would do a review>> :) Keep up the good work!! Wendy
melismama said…
HI Wendy, WOW You are my 400th Follower.I would love to do a quick blog post about you! I am going to do a giveaway also since we hit 400! Thanks for following and I would love to check out your site!

Bird said…
Hi babes, you are so kind and adorable!! Thanks you for the generous words, I'm not worthy!! :D

So happy to see you also met Wendy via Bidr's Party page hehe
networking at it's best!! ;D

take care my angel!!
Anonymous said…
Love the new pillows.. I am so going to drag in the fall decorations from the shed tonight!
Tracy said…
Hi Melissa!
Love the pillows and so sorry about the pumpkin :( Congrats on 400 followers! It's always fun and inspiring to visit your corner of blog land! Thanks for continuing to link up to NOBH! :)

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