Please pray with me...

Friends will you please pray with me?  As I head to the Relevant Conference in the morning there are so many thoughts, concerns and needed prayers running through my head...I ask you, will you please pray?

The Relevant Conference: I'm Going!

Pray for.......
- Safe travels for all those women attending
- that the Lord will reveal himself to each and every women there and touch her in some way
- the families that each women is leaving at home
- for the speakers, that the Lord will speak through them and that they will be able to communicate their message clearly
- For the sponsors and their products
- for the "newbies" - it's hard being at a conference where a lot of women might already know each other and feeling a little lonely at times
- for the meetup meetings and the topics touch each of us and we come home with a clear mind and full heart
-For peaceful hearts

Won't you pray for us please - not just today but each day until Sunday when each women is home safe with their families.

I thank you in advance for your prayers!


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