ROCKTOBER Winner and a New Giveaway

Happy Monday everyone! 

Welcome to our 3rd Giveaway of Rocktober!

You will find the Winner of the Avon Prize Pack at the end of this post.
CONGRATS to the Winner!

Our Weekly Rocktober Giveaway this week is a Halloween Party Prize Pack.

All you will need is to make a few cupcakes or cookies and you are good to go!

The winner will receive the following:

(All new items)
2 Paper Embossers
1 Package of CARS themed Silly Bands
1 Package of Glow Sticks
1 package of Krazy Straws
tattoos (6 pieces)
stickers (8 pieces)
1 container (8 pieces) of Halloween themed assorted brads
1 sheet (28 stickers on it) of Halloween Themed Glitter Stickers
2 packages of Hallmark Halloween Themed Tissue Paper
2 Packages of American Greetings Halloween Themed Tissue Paper (great for making a centerpiece)
3 Large Halloween Gift bags to put the goodies in for the kids
1 Scholastic book "Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins"

So your Halloween party for your kids would just need some yummo desserts and a drink
and there you go!

All you have to do to enter this week's Rocktober giveaway is: 

1.  Leave me a comment if you celebrate Halloween in your home and what you do to celebrate. If you don't celebrate Halloween, do you celebrate Autumn or Fall time?

And now the winner of last week's ROCKTOBER AVON Gift Package is:

You have 24 hours to email me with your mailing information, If I don't
hear from you I will move on to the next person.

I purchased all the items myself and don't represent any company in doing so

This giveaway is open until  Sunday MORNING at 10:00 AM EST. I want to get this right out so the Winner can use it for Halloween!!  Check back Monday morning to see if you are a winner and a new giveaway will start.


We celebrate Halloween.We attend a playgroup costume Halloween party. The children and adults get to dress up in non scary costumes. We bring a bunch of Halloween related foods! We also love to decorate the inside of our house fall related with lots of pumpkins, leaves, spider webs etc. We also do a count down to Halloween day by doing lots of different crafts and events. Make paper bat garland, ghost luminaries, visit local farms to pick apples and pumpkins. lots more! We love the fall time!
JJAS said…
We (my hubby and I -youth directors) are organizing the 2nd annual trunk or treat. last year i got about 15 church members to decorate their trunk of their cars and pass out candy. it was a hit, especially when the majority of our congregation are over the age of 80. It was a win win for both groups. I hope to double that this year becuase last year we had 300 kids!
Jamie said…
we love to carve the pumpkins we grow here at home.EAch of us decorate two to three.Lots of pumpkins line the driveway and walkway up to the are greeted by a black cat at the driveway.Little ghostlings hang from the tree for visitors to see.The candy is a bonus as halloween approaches,last year I went as a cow with Zachary and that scored us extra candy,maybe this year I will be a ghost(waaahaaaaaaaa)lol
MamaMunky said…
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MamaMunky said…
Halloween is our favorite holiday! We decorate the house as much as possible, then decorate nana's house. The week before Halloween, we have the church party, town party, and then we trick or treat at nana's house. This will be CJ's first year participating!
AMY said…
We don't do scary things or trick or treating, but we let the kids dress up and my sister has a Harvest Party and hayride for the kids. And of course they get more candy than they need there. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net
Lisa said…
We go to Trunk or Treat at church, and have a little Halloween party for relatives at home.
PEMom said…
We celebrate Halloween by carving our pumpkins a few nights before Halloween and then going out for the first hour of trick or treating with the kids then staying home for the remainder so we can pass out candy too. We always have a traditional bowl of chili with cornbread as our Halloween meal. So much fun to have little ones to keep the tradition going :)

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