A bomb threat and mid week happenings

Today was an emotional day for a lot of parents. A local BOCES program (where there is a preschool on the campus) was on lock down due to a bomb threat. One of my friends, Dawn (who blogs over at Honest Family Living) had one of her littlest angels there.  I can't imagine what that would feel like knowing that your child is in danger and not being able to do anything about it.  Thankfully, everyone is ok and the threat is over.  I explained all this to my two older children and all they could say (among tears for their friend)
"Mom, thank you for homeschooling us."  

Moving on....

This has been a wonderful week for Fall weather!  We have been able to get out and play, ride bikes and enjoy what God has provided for us!  So hard to wrap my head around the fact that we had 15 inches of snow a week and 1/2 ago and today it's 67 degrees!

Trees still hanging by a branch from the recent snow storm!

God's paintbrush at work...

A tree that fell. Hubby is still working on cutting it all up.

We counted the rings of the tree. This tree was approximately 30 years old.

the 1 patch of snow that was left in the yard (it's gone as of this writing)

Some crafting...

Started our elephant unit studies.

Fun learning about Pilgrim Children

Finishing up his book today!

Tomorrow all three have dentist appts. (no fun for momma)!

Friday - Bubby is coming for the weekend and we have 1/2 day of school - learning about Veteran's Day!


Jamie said…
Hey Mama M~
I could not even think of a threat and not being allowed to get my child.When 9 11 happened my sisiter was in school and they wouldn't let them out for a long time our family was mad.

GoodLuck at the dentist we are going there as well.
melismama said…
Jamie - FYI - I can't leave a comment on your blog at all...are they blocked?
Anonymous said…
how scary! So glad everyone is okay! I couldn't imagine not being able to go and pick up my children!
La Donna said…
Well this weather sounds like what we experience in Texas all the time. It's not really all that fun to be honest.

I was very teary eyed about what your children saying what they did. It's just another story that reminds me I'm making the right decision about Homeschooling my kids. I am so thankful I have you as a resource and an encourager in this area.
Rebecca said…
Wow...what a horrible feeling that must have been! Looks like all went well...and praying for those dentist appointments! Hope they went well.

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