Much needed break!

Hello all - glad to be back in "blogland".  I took a much needed break last week and rested my eyes, brain and spent quality time with family and friends!  I am back and we are back to school this week.  Believe it or not it was almost 70 degrees here in NYC today!  I took the kids to the Bronx Zoo and we had a great time!  In fact, we did not even see another visitor there for an entire hour!  The place was empty!

This was the sky this morning off my deck...colors were indescribable. 

The Polar Express is playing at the 4-D Theater at the Zoo. 
We saw it last year and again today!  

This picture was not taken with a zoom lens. This is how close you can get 
to these apes.  Only a few inches of plexaglass between us.

Silverback - massive, in awe of him.

Right after the picture of the Silverback behind Zachary, Zachary moved and the ape
turned to the glass and started pounding on his chest. I would have thought
we were in a movie. SOOO COOL!  A little on the scary side....

I pray you had a thankful holiday week and looking forward
to what is to come!

This is the tree in our bedroom. We have 4 trees up so far in the house and 1 more to go!


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