A no-brainer!

If you do holiday shopping on line or any shopping really, you should know and be hooked into Ebates.com   

You might have heard of it, and wonder what it is all about. Basically you go to the Ebates.com sight, look for the store you want to shop in and shop at that store, making sure you are clicking the link thru the Ebates.com site.  Whatever partnership that the store you are shopping in and Ebates.com has together you get that percentage back in cash!
(the only downside that I have found is Amazon.com is not hooked up with them 8(  )

You received cash back quarterly.  We have received over $ 300 already in just 1 year by shopping thru Ebates.com.   You can click on my sidebar button on the right that says Ebates.com or go HERE to join in!

It costs nothing to "join" and simply said is FREE money!  There are also a ton of coupon codes you can find on the site.   

Happy Holiday Shopping and don't forget to look for your store thru Ebates.com!


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