Advent Calendars Overload!

Keeping the real meaning of Christmas at the center of our home can be a challenge when the media does such a great job of "selling" Christmas as a toy holiday.  December 1st, brings so many things to our home..with the countdown to Christmas being the most exciting, for the kiddies!  We have 7 advent calendars this year! 
 (two I did not even put up this year)

Let each generation tell its children of Your might acts.  Psalm 145:4

Zachary has his Lego Advent Calendar - Star Wars theme this year. 
(always shuts his

This is a new one from Avon.  It lights up and can be used each year.

These are from Dayspring and I love them!  
They have picture surprises and a piece of the story of Jesus each day. 
Each girl has one. Love the fact that they have magnets on the back also.
I bought these on last years clearance at Dayspring and held on to them.
Originally $ 7.99, think I paid $ 1.00

Also each child has one of the fun chocolate behind each window
advent calendar.  Compliments of our great friend, Miss Meg.
These are for after lunch time!  

Looking forward to a fun filled Christmas weekend with our town tree lighting, breakfast with Santa, Tree Party (we have brunch and then all go to get our trees at a local farm - lots of families involved), pageant rehearsal and then lunch at Bubby's to see her tree and a few treats!

Have you started decorating yet?


Rebecca said…
LOVE all of your advent calendars...We have decorated...still have one or two little things to finish....I always enjoy getting a peak into your home! inspire me to do more of the little things!!!!
melismama said…
Thanks Rebecca for your lovely comment! I pray your Advent season is blessed!
Anonymous said…
Love it! We have two one is a wooden train with doors. In that I put a piece of candy (non chocolate for Sammy), truth in the tinsel clue, a slip of paper with our special activity for the day, and a slip of paper with our Christmas craft for the day. Then we have a veggie tales one were you move the candy cane to the day. We also do a book countdown and read the Jesse tree readings each night as a family. I am all decorated! Having friends over to decorate cookies in just a little bit :-)
Nikki said…
Oooh, note to self: Check out Dayspring after the Holidays...
Love the avon advent, too!
I've started decorating. I like doing it in stages--that's what I tell myself, anyway, as I'm easily sidetracked with cleaning projects along the way :)
Many blessings to you!
~Nikki @simplystriving
Theresa said…
Yay! The girls woke up so excited to open their first advent calendar windows today!
Martha said…
not easy to find advent calendars this side of the world..but am looking for one. :)
The Adventurer said…
we have two advent the chocolate one which my Mom sends to the kids every year:) and I bought a hallmark tree one that my kids love but it is still in the garage until I get it out this weekend. My daughter is already reminding me I am late:) thanks for linking up tot he NOBH

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