Happy New Year and a Look Back

It's that time of the year where one reflects on their accomplishments, what didn't work, fun stuff and the year in pictures...here is what I am offering up to you, my followers (love ya - knuckle bump)!  
So surprised to see that my little blog has received OVER 72,000 views (almost at 73,000)  WOW!  THANK YOU EVERYONE!

On with the list....

The 2011 and all time most viewed blog post with over 2000 views was the Ballerina Party I threw for my daughter.  

The Homeschool related post that received the most views in 2011 was Our Homeschool Space with almost 500 views.

The crafting related post that received the most views in 2011 was PB Inspired Wall Print with just about 400 views. 

I can say that my parties and playdates received WAY more views than my homeschooling posts....although I am more proud to share our homeschool adventures and parties are just a "side passion"...lol

The all-time post I am most proud of (Nov of 2010)...Our Soap Telling Story... couldn't even tell you how many views it got, however, it did not make the top 20 8( 

Here are a few that might have slipped by you that hold a special place in my heart:

I was invited, accepted and exposed  - guest post over at Santa Beso

Another proud moment is when we were "crowned" number 25 on the Top 25 Homeschooling Blogs over at Circle of Moms!

I am sooo looking forward to the new year and a big announcement (for me) on Sunday to kick off the new year right! 


Check out how to make these cool chargers as they are highlighted today at


Anonymous said…
What a great year you had! I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2012!
La Donna said…
I have been meaning to tell you this but your guest post over at my space received over 70 views. It was probably one of my most favorite posts and definitely turned the direction of my blog in a better way.

It's not easy to talk about the "J" word at times, but how can you not after He's done so much.

So glad to have you come be a part of history making at Santa Beso.

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