Our week in pictures and then some...

Hello all...sorry I have not blogged much this week but time has not been kind to me...seems I have so much to still do and trying hard to get it done before next weekend....

School this week....

Theme this week is Gingerbread!

What we read...

(One of my most favorite books of all times!)

Little crafting

Last tree got decorated....

Kitchen renovation

(I know, who decides to renovate 2 weeks before Christmas...before picture)

Before picture from the dining room side

You are going to have to wait until the weekend to see the final results! 
I love it!

Our trip to the Nursing Home to deliver the ornaments the kids
made along with the Christmas Cards. Such an emotional time
for me. To see all the happy faces, speechless!

More gingerbread fun

Little Spanish...

Weekly Program at the library....(theme was pancakes)

Yup we cooked at our library class and then got to partake!

Gingerbread house making..Oh what a time....

While the houses set...we read this
My new favorite series for Children's Books by far!

Decorating time....

Results....homes I would be proud to live in!

Tired out just typing all this...so much more to do..

Tomorrow night I am speaking in front of the youth group at our church, (regarding this experience I had) please pray for me! 

This weekend, we are in NYC as a family to go see the limited

then on Sunday - off to my son's home for a Pre-Christmas luncheon 
and visiting...so much to do....

Be blessed!


Anonymous said…
whew what a week! Looks like you have been having a lot of fun!
Tracy said…
Looks like loads of fun and activity! We are doing gingerbread stuff this week too :) Have a blessed Christmas Melissa!
Tracy said…
Hi Melissa,
I just read your story at the Santa Beso (love that blog name, BTW) link. I knew you were a cancer survivor, but did not know any details until now. Thank you for sharing the incredible miracle and blessing you were given at such a young age. It is evident from your blog posts that you are keeping your promise to love and live life to the fullest, never taking life for granted. Thank you for inspiring so many and I will say a prayer that your story for the church youth group will touch others that hear you speak! God bless!
La Donna said…
We just read the "Bear" book b/f naps today. Love that book too.

I love how you just keep your kids going and active. It NEVER ceases to amaze me and encourage me. I'm just thrilled that I get to call you a friend in real life.

Your family is so blessed to have you!!

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