When the fun goes bad 8(

Good Day to you and Happy Monday - less than 2 weeks until the birthday celebration of the year in our home!  This weekend was packed with Christmas fun and not so much fun 8(

Starting off with a special ornament that my mother gave me "early"...LOVE IT
my name is on the back also.

We attempted to decorate our last (out of 5) tree last night..pictures look nice enough huh?

My mother also made this beautiful tree skirt for us all personalized with all my children, 
myself and my husband. I love it and really don't want to cover it with presents.

Last night turned into a sad night when the children decided they wanted to be "off the wall" bad and ended up in bed early, all crying. 
 What was suppose to be a wonderful family evening was all but that.

Our Christmas Pageant was also yesterday and Molly and Zachary were both in it. 

And if we needed 1 more activity to squeeze in on Sunday, myself and Molly
joined other friends for lunch and the The Nutcracker Ballet..it was a wonderful
experience to share with my daughter.

This week is packed with fun, holiday happenings and Gingerbread house making!

Enjoy your week and pray our day is better than last night ended!


Jamie said…
I love the ornament your mom gave you,just perfect for you mama m!!!!!And the tree skirt is really pretty,great job Grandma!!!!!

Looks like you guys are keeping busy so of course the kids are going to act out at least once,right,lol.

Merry Christmas
Anonymous said…
What fun at the end.. boo to the off the wall! Isn't it amazing how pictures can tell a completely different story!
La Donna said…
Oh yes!!! I feel your pain!!

There's so much to do this time of year, and all the magazines and movies portray the holiday festivities with perfect children.

That's what blogging's for- to keep it real.

Sorry it ended that way, but nothing like a good dose of sleep to cure behavior ailments.

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