Back to school!

It's Tuesday and that means break is over!  I am jumping up and down...we NEED routine in our home to function like the well oiled machine I have so lovingly created! 

 I know today will be met with resistance and probably some whining. 

 The kids also start back with their gym classes and ballet today.  

I have a new set of Sharpies in every beautiful color as well as a new set of white board markers (thanks to the hubby for Christmas) and I am not afraid to use them!  

We are starting our Little Passports Geography unit today, Brazil along with the Amazon.  I am excited to see what 2012 has in-store for The Joys of Home Educating!

Also started back up on Weight Watchers yesterday, pray for will power!

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Thanks for visiting my blog...following yours too. Looks like you have little ones...I love ideas for the little ones. My 4 year old is very active. My 10 year old enjoys Little Passport. We don't use it in our lessons, but he loves getting the special items they send.
Anonymous said…
aw but mom I dont want to do school work, pleeeeease one more day rofl
I was not ready rofl Jacob was though rofl
Anonymous said…
Good luck today!! We started yesterday (but today I'm in the office) and it went pretty well! We made butter!
Carrie Roer said…
I thrive on routine too. :) My husband is a teacher, and it was really nice to have him leave again for school on Tuesday so my daughter and I could get back into our normal routine! Thanks for linking up to NOBH!

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