DIY Chinese New Year Crafts Tutorial

IN case you missed it, I have been working on some upcoming school parties. Chinese New Year is the 1st one of 2012!  I am keeping to my new challenge of $ 10 per school party so I had to make decorations this year and use some things I already had around the house...

1st craft - Chinese New Year Firecrackers:

Supplies needed:  toilet paper towel rolls, scissors, tissue paper, double sided tape

Cut tissue paper to double size of the roll...roll the tissue paper around the TP roll, tape.
Then the top 1/2, cut downward so you have the "tassels" at the top. 
That's it!

2nd Craft - Chinese New Year Felt Fortune Cookies

Supplies Needed:  Red Felt, double sided tape, something to trace around for about a 3 inch circle (I used a cup), scissors, another color felt for the "tab", pipe cleaner
and a "surprise" for inside if you want to.

Step 1:  trace circle out of felt

Step 2:  stick the tap in the middle of the circle putting your
pipe cleaner on it

Step 3:  put the "tab" onto the sticky tape also.

Step 4:  fold in 1/2

step 5: bend at the middle, backward

EXTRA - I put Kisses inside so if you do that, you should put
another piece of sticky tape right above the kiss to secure it

There you have it!

(they would be cute for Valentine's Day also using a different color
of the tap sticking out and you could also use paper for the tab
and write fun stuff on them)

 Craft 3 - Paper Lanterns

Supplies needed: Construction paper, scissors and tape

Fold the paper in 1/2 (fat ways) 

On the fold, cut slits into the paper but not going
all the way to the top.

Open the paper and hold it long ways
curve around until it meets and easy
the kids can help for sure!

Make a handle and you can tape it to the top and string them!4

Hope you make some or all of these and have a super Chinese New Year...

Be watching for a post on our Homeschool Party on Chinese New not to be missed and only
on a $ 10 budget!

Be blessed!


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