Hibernate and Migrate

More of our Winter Strategies teachings today...

We listed some animals that hibernate vs. migrate. 
The differences between them and some
animals that we were surprised didn't hibernate.

Did you know that the Wood Frog actually comes onto land in the 
Winter months and hides under leaves. It's body freezes, the heart stops, with the blood
turning into crystals. Then in the Spring, it comes back to life!  God is PERFECT, huh!

Great book that shows many animals that hibernate. 

Of course a little Scholastic

 Did you know that MALE Polar Bears DON'T
Hibernate?  Also Panda Bears do not.

Using this Guide by Simple Days over at CurrClick
Still on sale for $ .99 now!  Hurry! 
This is awesome especially for the middleschoolers!

If you remember we studied Reindeer (aka Caribou) last month
and used THIS guide from Simple Days!  
(Did you know that Caribou are animals that do MIGRATE?)

Working on some Wintertime Clothing copywork from
2 Teaching Mommies (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Molly has caught on soooo quickly to time telling and she is loving it!

Looking forward to see what tomorrow brings...Until then..

Be Blessed!


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