The New Year Celebration Continues....

Continuing all week with our Chinese New Year theme...we had fun making these easy dragons repurposing our egg cartons!

We read about this boy who lives in Chinatown, NYC and danced through the streets in the Lion Dance during a Chinese New Year Celebration.

Zachary made a Chinese Dragon out of his sister's Duplo Blocks

We had a chance to start back up at our "drop in and play" gym.  Our other homeschool friends joined us for an hour of fun!

We made these today!  Thanks to my friend over at Skip To My Lou!  YUMMO!

They were so tasty, especially with the queen helping me!

Both the hubby and Zachary are in the throws of head colds 8(  
Pray for quick healing please!

Made some homemade Chicken Noddle Soup today for the sick ones...and the girls ate the most!

Countdown has begun!  Only 20 days until I see my blogger friend, LaDonna, from Santa Beso!  She is flying in from Texas to come for a long girls weekend!  Also my friend, Deb (who makes my kids b'day cakes and is a long time friend of mine) is coming in from Syracuse! Our cup with runithover with fun!!

Be Blessed!

Shibley Smiles

For the Kids Friday


Anonymous said…
I hope Zachary and your husband feel better soon! That soup looks super delicious! The gym time looks like fun!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
The link is now up! I placed it in the post but it didn't appear this morning.

I love your dragon!
Diane said…
Super creative use of old egg cartons! I love that you are learning about Chinese New Year. I didn't realize they had a date different from our Dec. 31 until I was grown. (Notice I didn't say 'old'!) Your soup looks wonderful! I will add your two invalids to my prayers! Thank you for sharing!!!
Love this! Thanks for sharing!
Shauna said…
I really love all of your fun and educational Chinese New Year activities you have been doing at your home. I just wanted to let you know that I have featured your website over at my blog:
Come on over when you get a chance and grab a featured button.
Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!
Thanks so much for all the CNY ideas! Trying several this week! Added myself as a follower. :)

I am a homeschooling momma with a little one from China.
MiaB said…
I love your Chinese dragon!! So creative :) Would love for you to share this with us here at Sharing Saturday -

Have a great weekend,
Love the dragon - very clever. How nice that you will be able to see a blog friend. It only happened to me once so far. Hopefully everyone feels better soon.

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