Sneak Peek at some parties....

Happy Friday all!
Hubster went back to work today, even though he is still sick 8(
Zachary caught what hubby has and sounds horrible 8(

I think we will be laying low today and no school...expecting snow tonight! 

Working hard a few parties over the next few is a sneak peak at a few...

Having fun!

Be blessed!


Anonymous said…
I hope you guys all get well soon! It's no fun being sick!
MamaMunky said…
Ahhhh! I see Captain Hook! I freaking love me some Captain Hook! I can't wait to see more!
I hope that your husband and son feel better soon (and that you and your daughters do not get sick). Our family loves Peter Pan so I am interested to see what you do with Captain Hook!
Catherine Anne said…
It's so good to stop in. Love the football header, the New Years craft and Captian Hook. Get Well Soon.

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