Superbowl Inspiration and Tutorial

Creating a cute Superbowl tablescape is easy and can be inexpensive with just a few items!  I downloaded these cute party printables from Catch My Party last week and knew I had to “girl” them up a little…lol…

Thank you 9 to 5 mom for creating these!

We are having a few friends over for the big game! 

(Let me put a disclaimer here...we are NEITHER Giants Fans or Patriots Fans, we are Vikings Fans, but since they are playing golf instead of football right now, we are routing for the Patriots, ONLY because the hubster is in a "pool" at work and momma needs a 
new pair of

TIP 1: Mix and Match things...

Took the food tents and some of the other printables..used a toothpick
to insert it...cute way to incorporate the two...both found at Catch My Party
at the link above.


I have used this indoor.outdoor carpet piece for Easter Grass, Football turf, 
Baseball turf and more for parties...worth the $ 8.00 I spent on it! REUSE! 

TIP 3:  Use what you have!

Here is an easy tutorial on making Cray paper pom poms to help fill up the tablescape…

Layer out about 8 layers of your craypaper (only about 6 inches long)

Tie off in the middle...

Cut the ends to cut off so you dont have the creases and then cut up..then you just 
carefully separate the sides until you have a pom pom

I tied them to the bottom of these little stands that I have (use them for almost every party)

There you have it...just a cute way to spruce up the Football decor...

Be watching on Monday Morning for our Superbowl Party!

Teach Me Tuesday at Preschool Powol Packets


Lindsay said…
yay have fun!! I am a skins fan.. (die hard) but will be rooting for the giants :-)
Oooh...I love those little pompoms! My daughter (yes, the 4-year old!) is incredibly "into" decorating...she will go crazy when she sees she can make those! Thanks for linking this one up at Teach Me Tuesday!!
Christina said…
I think the pom poms are so simple and great for many types of parties that I had to feature your Superbowl Party too! Thanks for all the fun link ups this month!

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