I felt this weekend that I was wandering thru it...the motions...not as present as I would have liked to me.  You know that "head in the fog" feeling.  I MUST write my monthly goals down and I know I will be focused!

Friday night we had First Friday Friends at our Church (for K - 3rd graders). The kids had fun!  I cooked the meal for everyone this week (baked ziti, rolls and fruit) and we had a speaker come in and speak to the kids about Black Bears (something we know all too much about in our area).  

Saturday my hubby took the kids to a (pre) Chinese New Year celebration in N.J. at family's house. I had the day "to myself"...hahaha  what does that mean?  I took all the remaining trees down from Christmas, decor etc., cleaned, shopped for some household items and school things and had 1 hour to just SIT and read a magazine before they came home.  Found some AWESOME deals at Hobby Lobby with 80% off their Christmas items, to me that means finding things I can use throughout the year...reds for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year...golds and silvers...blacks...so many things to use for other occasions!  

Sunday back to church again and then Molly had a birthday party to attend at her ballet studio. 

I prepared my lesson plans and caught up on my desk work that was piling up!  WOW I am tired just typing it all...LOL

Looking forward the school week where we will continue with Brazil and the Amazon Rain Forest...snowflake teachings..MLK Day....fractions and Winter. 

Praying everyone had a blessed weekend!


Anonymous said…
whew I'm tired from reading it! Here is to a great week :-)
Carrie Roer said…
Sounds like a great first week of the new year! Thanks for linking up to NOBH!

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