Winter is in the Air and in School

Ah...back to our regularly scheduled needed it, I needed it, they needed it!  Not too many complaints or whines today.

 I made a new rule, if you ask "when is school over" or "how much work do we have left" then I tack on 10 more mins of school work that day! 

Zachary never ceases to amaze me on what he can put together with Legos, almost blindfolded..

Sammie loves those daubers, but what you did not see is about 10 mins
after this picture, she had the ink all over her face, arms and hands..she is 
banned from them for a while.. 8(

What we are reading...Studying WINTER this month...

Tool time...

Serious student...

We started our Time Unit today.

Part of our Winter Unit - we are studying the complex science of Snowflakes...
WOW - so much to learn...Bought this book over the weekend at
Barnes & Noble - Clearance Rack...

Little break for the Wii Sports...Bowling

Started our Little Passports Geography Curriculum. I have had it
since September but needed to wait until we were less busy with
Holidays...So cute and fun!

Brazil was our 1st country...

Off to Ballet and then Gym class...

Although we have zero snow, it's cold cold cold here in NY today!

Don't forget that our web address has changed to
and our Button is back - why don't you grab it!

Have a Blessed Day!

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Teach Me Tuesday at Whole Child Creative Curriculum


Jamie said…
love the silly snow day book,we have it ans its so cute.Good Luck with the weight watchers I dont think I could do it without i am searching through weight watcher recipes on pinterest and they look great.

I wish you all the best for the year 2012!!!!
Anonymous said…
Yay for a good first day back to school! We had snow today.. freak snowstorm no one knew was going to happen it was pretty crazy!
CacheyMama said…
It's Lori from Cachey Mama's Classroom. Thanks for following! I love your blog and you have a beautiful family. The winter books you posted look amazing, I will have to check them out. I have also been wanting to get the book Stranger in the Woods. Will grab your button for my blog love page. Would you like to be listed under teacher-related or mommy blog section? Maybe I should just start a new category for homeschooling.. what do you think. Let me know and thanks for all the great ideas!
RachelT said…
The snowflake book looks beautiful! Each one is truly unique. It looks like you are having fun with winter! I enjoyed stopping by your blog!
melismama said…
Welcome Lori and Rachael to the blog! So glad you stopped by!

Lori - I would be honored to have our button on your blog is any of the categories you listed 8)

Jamie - thanks with the "luck" far, so good!

Lindsay - be looking in your mailbox next week for a treat 8)
I love the SNOW book, and the whole snow theme looks like a ton of fun! Thank you so much for linking up at Teach Me Tuesday--this is perfect!

Thanks for the book ideas. I'm from the 2011 Best Ideas for Kids Linky and following you on Pinterest. :)
Lisa said…
I just may have to apply your new rule to our school as well. I get that all the time.

Looks like you're off to a great start back, aside from the paint dauber incident! Love your pictures!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
You cover so much! It is truly wonderful!
Keitha said…
Love that snowflake book! Looks like your kiddos are learning so much.
Tracy said…
It is amazing what kids can do with those LEGOs! Love all your winter books too and the Snowflake books looks amazing! Another one of God's masterpieces for sure! Thanks for sharing your chilly lessons with us at NOBH! :)

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