Wordless Wednesday - Not so much

I wanted to share with you some of MY favorite pictures that I took in 2011. You all know that I love to take pictures (almost as much as I love to throw a great party and I take well over 2000 a year...from an artistic view, these are some of my favorites. (left out a ton of my kids...)  

One of my goals is to become a better photographer...
(all pictures were shot with a Nikon 3100, by me)

I took this at a b'day party for a good friend of mine.

I took this while we were apple picking. This is my son's camera that the grasshopper is on.

Farmer's Market

NYC At Grand Central Station - before a train rolled in, love the angle, hard to get this.

Obviously, the best place on Earth! (lol)

In our woods - just picture a fairy hiding under it!

Looking up our long driveway towards the house

our backyard - I was actually outside with him about 20 feet away

captured this by accident, not posed at all..

Love the lighting!

Looking forward to see what my lens will capture in 2012!


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