We have been learning about bullies this week in school and the difference between being impolite and being a bully.

We read this book....I will say I was not extremely happy with how the
children handled the bully but the point got across.

Our Scholastic work

Little Bully word search

Also finished up our month long teachings on dental hygiene.

Finding some great apps for the girls for the IPad but would still 
love more for the 2nd grade level if anyone has suggestions...

Getting ready for Leap Day tomorrow...little party and some fun!

I found a few great resources for tomorrow's work..I invite you to check out
our Facebook page to find them!

Be blessed!

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These are great resources! Bullying is such a problem--at all ages. Thanks for linking up at Teach Me Tuesday!!
Anonymous said…
What a great topic to cover. Kids can be so mean now days and at such a young age.
Rebecca said…
Melissa, this is a tough subject in our home. My oldest was called a bully by another family, including the Mom. My advice to all is this...if you think a child may be stepping out of bounds, please, sit down and have a loving discussion with the parents. There are so many circumstances that can surround a situation like this...my entire family has been impacted in a huge way by these allegations...and the irony is...everyone else who knows our son has been mortified when they have heard about the accusations...many blessings, Rebecca
Anonymous said…
What a great topic to cover! Have fun today!

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