Now that's a horse of a different color....

This week we went on a field trip to a local museum. This is a unique museum. It's a Harness Racing Museum. Horse Harness Racing. It's only a few miles from us and we always have a lot of fun when we go. The day was a little chilly but the horses were still practicing - what a treat!

(Be sure to go all the way to the end to see the video of the horses practicing today!)

This is a spot where they play "horse auction". They are the trying to guess when to stop the auction for the horse is that shown on the big screen. The 1st horse sold for $ 8500.  They were surprised!

A ton of stuff for the little ones to look at and do!

They can pretend to announce a race. There is script there too for the kids who can read. They really hear it over the loud speakers.

Betting machines for them to touch.

So much to see and do. Great educational  place!

We were able to go down to the track and watch about 5 horses and the Jockey practicing.

The track looks wet, but it was not.

Another out building - The Blacksmith Shop (real working shop)

Did I mention the entire interactive museum is FREE of charge every day!
(Can't beat that for our homeschooling budget!)

Here is a short video of the practice today...listen for the horses..

Guess where we went for lunch?

Have a wonderful day and BE BLESSED!


Dawn said…
What a great adventure. My girls would love that place.
Anonymous said…
So cool! Sammy would have loved to come along!! He came running over when he heard the horse video :-)
Mommarazzi said…
bummer... ive been trying to get everyone to go to the horse museum again... we had a great group the first time! but looks like you had fun! and I know very well where you went for lunch :) familiar sight!
What a great place to go! I have no idea where you went for lunch, but dessert looks delish!
Genevieve said…
Having those experiences is such a wonderful way to bond with our children and creates an environment of learning that will last their entire lifetime.
The Adventurer said…
What a great free field trip. My daughter love horses she would be in heaven there:) Thanks for sharing on the Home school field trip HOp
Anonymous said…
What an awesome field trip! Love the hands on activities for the kids and the ice cream looks the best!!! Adorable pics :)
Diane said…
I had no idea places like this existed. I love it! I would absolutely get lost here! The closest thing we have to this is the Carriage Museum in Cardston, Alberta. And it costs a bundle to get inside. And there isn't nearly as many interactive stations. Thank you so much for showing/telling. What an amazing place!
Kristyn W. said…
I didn't realize admission was free every day! Good thing to know :-)
Ellie said…
Just hopped from TGIF linky party, looks like you all had a great time. Looks a really interesting place to visit. Ellie

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