Today in school we learned about predictions....Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow?  Who will have more M&M's left after our game?  What colors will they be?

So here is what we did...we have these placemats that we are using (in between themed

I gave each child a handful of random M&M's (we buy the HUGE bag  Told them to put 1 M&M on each circle. Then I asked who they predicted would have the most left at the end of the game...what colors would they be...As we went along I would say things like "eat all the M&M's in the 3 rd colomn, then eat all the green M&M's, etc 

Funny thing is...both Zachary and Molly had 2 left at the end of the game and they both had the same colors..could have NEVER predicted this!

We also wrote out our predictions for school tomorrow...Will Phil see his 
shadow?  Who knows!

February is Dental Awareness Month
We started our Month long health unit on 
Teeth, Dental Hygiene and more...

Getting closer!

have a great today and be blessed!

If you have time...why not stop over to Three Thinking Mothers and link up your projects!


Anonymous said…
So fun! Looks like some great reading too :-)

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