Valentine's Day School Party

Happy Valentine's Day School Party!

Today's Party was changed at the last minute from our home
to the home of the other HSing family that joined us....

The kids got to dip strawberries...

Painting Craft

I made push pops this morning with Hershey Kisses on top.

We finally got to give away our Heart Crayons we made. 

Always a little time for dress up!

Be Blessed!

Once again on my quest to only have a $ 10 budget for a school party...I have DONE IT!

I had paper products left over from last years' party so cost this year was ZERO for them. I did buy a new table cloth at the Dollar Tree.  I had all decorations left over from years' past, so nothing was new this year. Cost: $ 1.00

For my favors I made homemade heart shaped crayons and downloaded a FREE Printable from Shindig Parties to Go for the goodie bag topper.  To make the crayons I used broken crayons from the children's school crayon boxes, broke them into smaller pieces and put those pieces into a heart shapped silocone cupcake cup, baked at 250 until melted, cooled and then bagged 'em up! Cost: $ 0.00

Lunch: Pasta with red sauce, a salad .  Our friends supplied the fruit and carrots for the kids. Made for less than $ 1 a person! (8 of us ate)  Treats: Made push pops cupcakes and frosted.  (already had both items in the pantry) Cost $ 8.00

The craft was the painting pages and those I got on sale at Michaels Crafts for $ 1.00 for all 8 of them.  Cost: $ 1.00

I will make sure that I seek out some deep discounted Valentine's Day items at Target and CVS after the holiday also! 

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