Field Trip Thursday!

It was 70 degrees, slight warm breeze and almost empty...the Bronx Zoo was SPECTACULAR today!
(be sure to scroll to the end to watch the video of the polar bear today...he was sure a delight and giving us a show)

Have a wonderful Friday!  

Be Blessed!


Tammy said…
Looks like you had a wonderful time!! And since I love bears, your video at the end was way too cool! Thanks for sharing. :)
Lisa said…
Great pictures and video! Looks like you had a beautiful and fun day. We made a trip to the zoo too. :)
Anonymous said…
What fun!! It was beautiful here yesterday too! We had a blast outside! Sammy loved that polar video!
I gre up living mere blocks away from the Bronx Zoo! Oh, you brought back so many happy memories! Fabulous!

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