Field Trip to Mystic, CT

Last week I decided to take the children away for a few days of R & R (although it was all learning, but don't tell   We headed up I-95 South (although it felt like East to me...I am not good with directions)  3 hours to Mystic, CT.  Little fishing town with A LOT to offer!  We were only there 2 days and DID SO MUCH!  

Started with the Submarine Force Library and Museum in Groton, CT.  Only 4 exits before Mystic. I found this gem online and it was FREE so why not, right!?!  The KIDS LOVED IT!

They were allowed to touch, feel, hear all of these..buttons, knobs, switches...
(it was pretty much just us and a few older people there the entire time!)

These periscopes were actually working and they could see outside onto the water
and see the USS Nautilus (actual submarine we were going on next)
 in the water.

The sub itself is in the water and is a floating museum in of itself.  There is a 
self-guided walking tour with a radio that you take with you.  The kids
just could not get enough of all the fun things to see
and learn.

There was a lot more to the museum, torpedoes, memorabilia, etc..but I don't want to inundate you with 
too many pictures...(LOL)

Then we were off to the hotel in Mystic.  I picked an inexpensive hotel since I knew we were
only there for 1 night and it was right off the highway.  The Comfort Inn.  I was VERY pleased!  I have worked in the hotel business for years in the past and am very PICKY when it comes to hotels. I would rate this a 8 out of 10!  High rating for me!  Even had a refrig and microwave in it. Only $ 65 per night for 2 double beds!  Clean! 

When we left the Subase Museum it was raining 8(   So we went to the hotel, checked in early (not a problem) and ate our picnic lunch I packed in the lobby/restaurant area.  We went to the room for a bit
then the sun came out and we ventured back out!

Found a breeze, but I loved it!

Such history in this town!  

Saturday morning - we went to the Mystic Aquarium. (My opinion a little pricey unless you
plan on spending the entire day and see all the "shows") But the kids loved it!

Ray pool - they touched many rays and learned all about them.

These sharks were great..almost like they loved to get pet!  Zachary loved it.

Sammie was memorized by all the fish.

This gal, Charlotte, was a rescue sea turtle.  Her back end was paralyzed
so when she was not swimming (which she did quite nicely) she rested this way..LOL...

One very exciting thing to see were the Beluga Whales.  Such majestic creatures!

This one LOVED Zachary but did not like Sammie...right after this shot
the whale opened her mouth, charged the glass for several minutes and tried to eat
Sammie. The crowd was gasping, as was I (hence no picture of the event)

After the aquarium..we went over to the Mystic Seaport - so worth the money!
Kids 5 and under FREE...Zachary was $ 15 and i was $ 24...

This is the Charles Morgan - whaling ship - getting restored and will be set to sail next Summer. We were allowed to go on it and explore! 

The seaport area is all set up like an old New England town.  It was empty, I loved it!

LOTS for the kids to do!

SO MUCH TO LEARN there...we did not even see it was getting later in the afternoon and we needed to get ourselves home!  Stopped at Friendly's right after the Seaport and had a celebratory Sundae and off we went...All in all, a wonderful few days...and even my littlest (who was only potty trained for a week) loved it!

We will be going back for sure!  

No school for us today, we need to absorb all we learned!  Getting ready for our Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow we are hosting...expecting 35 kids and their parents!  Pray for good weather!

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