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Busy times here at The Joys of Home Educating

Spring has sprung here in NY, Easter comes early and Molly's birthday party is the day before Easter (pirate theme)...church programs with the kids singing....insert big sigh...so much happening...BUT we need to take time to stop and smell the daffodils!   I am taking the kids away for a couple of days to Mystic, CT to the seaport.  They are excited to stay over in a hotel (not my favorite thing) and eat out..There is a lot to see and do for the kids (education related). 

On our way we are stopping off at the Submarine Force Museum to check out the USS Nautilus.  Looking forward to our adventure together.

 On Saturday we are hosting our Annual Easter Egg Hunt (I know I said that our Halloween party was our only BIG party each year for this year, but this is turning into a BIG one also..shh...hubby wont even realize there are 60 people here...lol) So when we return, I will be working on the finishing touches for that!

School related stuff....

We have been pluggin away at math, reading, grammar and Easter fun stuff here in our "book work"...still reading Dr Seuss and really enjoying our outside time and day adventures with friends. 

I have a recommendation to those who have an IPad and children in the Elementary grade levels....Stack the States application.  I can't say enough about it. Zachary, using this app, self taught himself all of the state capitals and landmarks in the states!  Very impressed with this app.  We have now moved onto Stack the Countries

IF you are on Facebook, I do invite you to check out my page for the party planning business
that I started. I love to see your opinion of things and to show what I am working on!  You can go HERE to become a FAN!  8)

Check back on Friday to see how our adventure went in Mystic!

Until then - BE BLESSED!

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Annie Kate said…
Ha, that's so funny! If you can throw a party without hubby realizing there are 60 people around, you must be a phenomenal party planner! :)

I hope you're having a lovely holiday/field trip.

I was one of those moms who started completely relaxed and occasionally over the past years I tried serious scheduling. Doesn't work for us at all.

Annie Kate
Anonymous said…
Have fun!!! Sounds like a great trip!
Jamie said…
We all know that Mama M~ knows how to throw down a party,I just wish you were closer to me to plan out so parties especially my baby shower!!!!!!
Have on your trip with the kiddos sounds like a lot of fun and very educational as well,SCORE!!!!!
Your antique finds from the other day are GREAT,the HEN is a great collectibkle my grandmother use to pay a lot of $$$ to get her hands on them.I enjoy finding aprons and fabrics to use for various things.

lol and have a safe trip
Mary said…
Have fun!!!
sounds like a fun week coming up!
LOL my hubby would certainly know if i had 60 people over for a party because i would start FREAKING out last minute.
melismama said…
lol ladies - yes my hubby knows that there will be a lot of people, he expects that....lol....this is not by far the largest party we have had - middle of the road....can't wait...although might rain now...same as last year...Soggy Easter Egg Hunt..lol
Tracy said…
Great to stop by and visit you Melissa as it has been difficult to visit blog land as much as I would like! Hope you have a great trip and I know everyone is looking forward to your fun Easter egg hunt, rain or shine! Have a blessed time! Thanks for continuing to link up to NOBH! :)
That museum looks like great fun and learning. Please considering linking this post on my "Home Education Live" link up. Here is the direct url - http://hammockhomeschool.blogspot.com/2012/03/home-education-live-linky.html

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