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Chilly Picnic - overcome, adapt and improvise

Beginning of the week they forecasted 65 and sunny for today...of course being a weatherman (or woman) is the best of jobs, you can be wrong all the time and still keep your job! ended up being 45 and windy, with partial sun.  The wind was whipping good and I am sure brought the temps down considerably.  We had planned a little home school picnic/bbq at a local lake that has a little beach on it. There were originally 4 families coming, last minute one of the families got sick so there were 3 of us.  We got there early to "set up" and our clan lasted 2 hours!   IT was cold, but we were bundled up and felt fine.  The kids were running and playing in the sandbox and playground (we did not even get near the lake)

Notice my rocks on the table...LOL

This is Zachary right after he fell on the playground from pretty high up and got the
wind knocked out of him. He was pretty scared and kept asking if he was going to die from it...I said Not Today honey, not today...

Thankful that even though we did not get down to the beach, there was a small
sandbox for the kids to still have fun!

Busy weekend ahead....zachary is in NYC tomorrow with friends for a belated
birthday party at the Museum of Natural History, Molly has a ball game and Sammie has a b'day party to go to....sigh....keep on keepin' on by the Grace of God!

Be Blessed ya'll!


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