Family Happy Hour Friday - Menu and Ideas

Happy Friday Y'all!

We are heading into our Opening of Baseball Season tomorrow and we have two children playing this year....between practices, my hubby coaching 1 team and games...we are busy people!  Not to mention ballet and studies....

One tradition we have been doing for the last 4 years,  in the Spring and Summer months, on Friday's, is have a Family Happy Hour. Instead of the traditional dinner meal on Fridays, I put out snack items for the kids and little fun plates. For the hubby and myself, I put out yummy appetizers and some drinks. Gives us a chance to unwind after a long week and before a busy weekend.  We play in the yard and put on the music....

Last Friday we hosted the First Happy Hour of the year and invited others to partake!  We had a great bonfire and just really enjoyed the families and the fellowship!

Tonight's Happy Hour Menu:

Crab Cakes on top of field greens
Aged Cheddar Cheese assortment with pepperoni and crackers
Salsa & Sea Salt Chips
Carrots with Ranch Dip
Fresh Strawberries and Cream

Assortment of drinks

Do you do anything fun with the family as a tradition?

Be Blessed!


What a fun idea! I usually put the kids to bed early and enjoy the night with my husband. I was just thinking, though, that they are getting old enough that they might like a little weekend treat. My daughter has designated the last day of the last few months as a holiday celebrating (for example) "The Last Day in April Party!" I think she'd love a Friday party too. ;) Thanks for the great idea!!
melismama said…
Awe that's great Carla! My hubby does not get a chance to see the kids all that much during the week so Friday nights we try to make family nights. Looking forward to tonight since it's 73 degrees, sunny and alittle breeze...setting up Happy Hour on the patio tonight! 8) Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
What a fun night!! I need to start a fun tradition like this! Thanks for the idea!

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