Family Happy Hour Friday - Menu and Ideas

Happy Friday Y'all!

We are heading into our Opening of Baseball Season tomorrow and we have two children playing this year....between practices, my hubby coaching 1 team and games...we are busy people!  Not to mention ballet and studies....

One tradition we have been doing for the last 4 years,  in the Spring and Summer months, on Friday's, is have a Family Happy Hour. Instead of the traditional dinner meal on Fridays, I put out snack items for the kids and little fun plates. For the hubby and myself, I put out yummy appetizers and some drinks. Gives us a chance to unwind after a long week and before a busy weekend.  We play in the yard and put on the music....

Last Friday we hosted the First Happy Hour of the year and invited others to partake!  We had a great bonfire and just really enjoyed the families and the fellowship!

Tonight's Happy Hour Menu:

Crab Cakes on top of field greens
Aged Cheddar Cheese assortment with pepperoni and crackers
Salsa & Sea Salt Chips
Carrots with Ranch Dip
Fresh Strawberries and Cream

Assortment of drinks

Do you do anything fun with the family as a tradition?

Be Blessed!


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