Field Trip - Bear Mountain Zoo

This Zoo is a smaller, more hiking, nature type zoo. There are also a handful of "museums" within the trails. It was a great day to be out and about..We picnicked after walked the trailside and then headed for home...Best thing - FREE! (I think weekends you pay to park, but not during the week - until the "season" starts)


Pretty lake picnic side

Tunnel leading from the picnic side of the park to the zoo side - goes under the street.

Lots to read about!

The Bear Mountain Bridge - hubby goes over this every day to work...not a bad view huh!

Great day!  

Be Blessed!

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Lindsay said…
What a neat zoo! The view of that bridge is breath taking!!
Tina said…
Love it! How did we never get there when I lived down there? What a great place!
The Adventurer said…
looks like a great day out so scenic. Thanks for linking up to the Field trip hop
melismama said…
Tina, we did sorta get Bear Mountain Bridge, where I lost my camera was right there next to the

Think we will go back next week weather providing...still FREE until May 1st! 8)
Mommarazzi said…
we love that park> Ive been going there for years and years. if you walk behind the history museum, you are basically UNDER the bridge, about 100 feet from it, its pretty cool
Nicole said…
What a neat zoo! We went to our local zoo not long ago on a field trip. The picture of the bridge is amazing!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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