Quick Dinner - pull it together

Do you ever have days where you are racking your brain to figure out SOMETHING different for dinner tonight...instead of the same ol', same ol'.....We love to grill, but when that just isn't possible due to many factors....I love to try new concoctions to wip together!

This one was a hit!

Our grocery store had their store made pizza dough on sale for less than $ 1.00

I had some of the Perdue "Short Cuts" (pre cooked chicken)
1 cup cheddar cheese
1 Cup crumbled bacon (we used the Hormel Bacon Bites which is real bacon)
2 Tbls of Ranch dressing

You can use light cheese and fat free ranch also.

Spread the ranch dressing onto the pizza dough (after rolled out into a rectangle)

Then spread the chicken over the entire dough on top of the ranch.

Add cheddar cheese & crumbled Bacon

Roll up and tuck ends..

bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.

Cool, slice and partake!

Hubby loved it, I loved it, didn't let the kids try it yet, as we wanted it for ourselves...LOL

Hope you change up your menu a bit!

Be Blessed!


Anonymous said…
ohh yum this sounds great!!
Anonymous said…
That looks delicious!

Thanks for the card, sweet friend <3

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