thankful thursday

Thankful that we live in a country where homeschooling is legal! Along with our freedom to worship!

I made up some capital/state flashcards for Zachary that i found on Currclick
He got all 50 correct!

The dolls where visiting school today!

Some Baseball fun with our daubers.
Thanks 2TeachingMommies for this unit!

Met up with a dear friend for lunch this week!
Old school toys to play with courtesy of the restaurant!

Thankful for friends!

Be Blessed!


Rebecca said…
I am thankful that we can worship and homeschool, too...and I pray those freedoms are not ripped away!
Lindsay said…
Amen girl!! Yay Zachary for getting them all right! Love the babeball dot page :-).. Have you ever done a day in the life post? You should totally do one!
melismama said…
8) Rebecca!

Lindsay - no I have not...what does it entail? and How was Sammie's B'day?
Mary said…
God Bless America! Fun stuff going on - especially the dessert :)
Jamie said…
HOMESCHOOLING,YEAH,we all can vote for that one.We have so much to be thankful for I could go on and on BUT then I would sound selfish.

Mama M~ I am thinking that you need to plan me a virtual blogging baby shower,haha.You know since we live to far to have one.I wish you the best with you party planning.

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