Time Out for Mommy!

Our children are with me for most of their waking life.....homeschooling affords me this awesome benefit. However, there are the special occasions when I am in need of a time out for a grown up MEday!  

This Sunday was MY day for a field trip!  I went into NYC (one benefit to living an hour from a major city, but living in the country...best of both worlds)  with a friend of mine for a book signing of a wonderful woman, Amy Atlas of Amy Atlas Events (out of NYC).  She has written a book that, for me, is inspiring!  Besides the book signing, my gal pal and I were able to take in some sights that I will admit, I have never seen up close and personal...A side of NYC that I don't frequent...Union Square!

This was made from Sand!

Amy's Mom!  Such a sweet lady!

Book signing at Fishs Eddy!  Love this store!

The weather was mid 60's and sunny!  We ate a late lunch at The Blue Water Grill - a party for the pallet! 

So nice to be away for the day without a care....

Nice to be home with my rugrats!  

Have a great day and Be Blessed!


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