Time to Separate!

Two of my "callings" or "passions" are home educating our children and styling/planning parties....I finally decided to separate the two "worlds".  The Joys of Home Educating will continue to be a homeschooling blog full of our daily lives home educating, crafts, field trips and more!  

NEW to YOU - My Party Passion!  This blog will be strictly for party ideas, pictures and how to create great parties on a budget!  

I invite you to come check it out, follow, lurk, whatever works for you!  
(you can follow using the link to the right also!)

Either way, I pray you are "fed" by either or both of my blogs!

Be Blessed!


Mary said…
Awesome!!! Going to go follow your new blog too :)
Anonymous said…
So proud of you friend!!
Mary Prather said…
Wow -- you amaze me! Heading to the new blog now!! Good for you!!
Heidi said…
I so love that you offered up the option of "lurking"! Too funny! Thanks for sharing your new blog with us over at NOBH!

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