Almost Recital Time!

Taken at her Ballerina Birthday last year! 

Molly has been in ballet for a while now. Last year she came in too late
into the dance company to be IN the recital. However, this year
she has worked SO hard from Sept. until now and the anticipation
in the house is getting out of control!  She is dancing from room
to room! LOL

We are have invited family to come to the recital and afterwards
a little reception at the house.  Couldn't be more
proud of her!

Only a few more days to wait.......she might burst out of her ballet shoes!

Be Blessed!


Anonymous said…
She is so cute!! Big Ruby used to be in dance. Their outfits are so adorable. Can't wait to see more pics.
Anonymous said…
oohh I hope you can take a video so I can see her dancing!!

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