Family Entertainment - Investment!

One thing that our family does not do on a regular basis is go out to eat, go to the movies or go out much for entertainment for the entire family.  

We really thought long and hard a few years ago about how we spend our "fun money" and did the math. With the prices of movies, concessions and fast food it just was not something we wanted to work into our budget for 5 of us.  

SO we invested some money in an outside projector ($99), extra DVD player ($75) and an outdoor blow up movie screen ($ 200).  I will tell you the investment has paid off times 10.  Sitting in our lawn chairs, or spread out on the grass on a blanket is such a relaxing time to spend under the stars with the family.  No worries about bathroom lines, high prices for concessions (dollar store for snacks) or even if a child gets cranky and wants to sleep - go ahead!  Even inviting other families over for movies is so much fun!  

What do you do with your family for some Summer time fun?

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Anonymous said…
Very fun!! We often do family movie night on Friday nights on the floor of our family room :-)
Stefanie said…
That is totally awesome!! I'm going to have to save up some money so we can invest in that. The kids and the hubby would love it.
Kimberly said…
What a great idea! I want to do the same thing. Where did you find a projector for $99 and what model is it? The ones I am seeing online are much for expensive.

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